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About Me

You know those '99% of scientists' you keep hearing about? Well, I'm one of those.


Welcome to the Doctor Climate Change blog, a series of commentaries on human-induced climate change. 

My name is Stewart Cohen. I live in Richmond, BC, Canada. 

I have a PhD in Geography from the University of Illinois, as well as degrees from the University of Alberta and McGill University. 

I have recently retired after a 35-year career in climate change research, working for Environment and Climate Change Canada (formerly Environment Canada). My research focused on the regional and local effects of future human-induced climate change in Canada. 

I have also contributed to national assessments of climate change in Canada and the United States, and global assessments conducted by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). 

Since the early 1980s, I authored or co-authored 125 publications. This included a book, Climate Change in the 21st Century, published by McGill-Queens University Press in 2009. This book originated from a course on climate change that I taught at the University of British Columbia.  Check out my publications page for more titles.

Stewart Cohen. Scientist. Throwing a snowball in the air.
Stewart Cohen. Scientist. Throwing a snowball in the air.


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